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FY 2019 Sales Under the Consolidated GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule Consolidation

As part of the GSA Schedule Consolidation, GSA is in the process of migrating all contracts under the 24 legacy GSA Schedules to the new Consolidated GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS). Considering the Consolidated MAS Contract was released at the beginning of fiscal year 2020 and companies have until July to make the transition, it will be some time before any sales are reported under the new GSA MAS Contract. However, if your company is considering obtaining a GSA MAS Contract, it would be helpful to see how sales under the legacy GSA Schedules translate to the new GSA Schedule.

FY 2019 Sales Mapped to the Consolidated GSA Schedule

The chart below shows what fiscal year 2019 sales would look like if they were reported under the new Consolidated GSA Multiple Award Schedule. To do this, we took fiscal year 2019 GSA Schedule Sales by Special Item Number (SIN) (reported by contractors) and matched the SINs to their corresponding Large Category under the new GSA MAS Contract, according to the SIN mapping released by GSA.

How FY 2019 Sales Map to the New GSA MAS Contract


For the most part, the Information Technology and Professional Services Large Categories, mirror the legacy GSA IT Schedule 70 and GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS). With just a few exceptions, nearly all IT Schedule 70 SINs mapped to the IT Large Category and the majority of PSS SINs mapped to the Professional Services Large Category. With that in mind, it’s not surprising sales for these two Large Categories account for the same percentage of sales under the New GSA Schedule as they did under the legacy GSA Schedules, which is 47% and 29% respectively.

FY 2019 Sales by GSA Schedule

If you’d like to see fiscal year 2019 GSA Sales as they were reported under the legacy GSA Schedules, you can view the chart here.

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