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Automotive Superstore

GSA Automotive Superstore Schedule 23 V

GSA procures more than 65,000 vehicles annually, amounting to more than $1 billion in high-quality vehicles and automotive services. Formerly known as the VMAS Schedule (Vehicular Multiple Award Schedule), the GSA Automotive Superstore Schedule Contract provides government agencies with a variety of general and specialty purpose vehicles along with related accessories. Ranging in scope from low speed vehicles and water tank trucks to construction and snow maintenance equipment, this schedule enables federal customers of all types to find and procure the vehicles and specialized auto-equipment they need.

The GSA Automotive Superstore Schedule includes, but is not limited to, the product and service categories below.

  • Firefighting vehicles and attachments
  • Law enforcement vehicles and attachments
  • Special job vehicles and attachments, such as mobile medical equipment or mobile command vehicles
  • Vehicles and equipment used to support aircraft
  • Installing systems and added features to emergency response vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair services for vehicles
  • Body repair for vehicles
  • Windshield repair
  • Trailers and vehicle attachments
  • Low speed vehicle sale or lease
  • Gas vehicle sale or lease
  • Electric vehicle sale or lease
  • Vehicle accessories sales
  • Service and line body trucks
  • Personal lifts
  • Digger derricks
  • Cable placers
  • Bodies and attachments for work vehicles, like dump trucks or cargo vehicles
  • Equipment and attachment for construction vehicles
  • Vehicle mounted snow removal and maintenance equipment
  • Woodchippers, stump removers, shredders and land clearing equipment and attachments
  • Equipment and attachments for street repair, such as asphalt spreaders and road wideners
  • Equipment and accessory leasing
  • Spare parts for cars, buses and heavy duty trucks
  • Remanufactured vehicle parts
  • Waste removal trucks and attachments
  • Fuel trucks and accessories
  • Water tank trucks and accessories
  • New automotive technologies

If your company offers automobiles or auto-accessories, and you are interested in capitalizing on the government’s demand for such products, the GSA Automotive Superstore Schedule the most appropriate solicitation for you.

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