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IT Schedule 70

GSA Schedule for IT Products & Services

What is a GSA Schedule ContractCompanies that sell information technology related products and services to the government, may want to consider pursuing the GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70 Contract. Commonly referred to as the IT Schedule or Schedule 70, this contract is the largest within the GSA Schedules Program in terms of sales and the number of companies that hold the contract.

GSA Schedule 70 Sales

While the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract is negotiated by the General Services Administration (GSA), it can be used to sell to any federal, state, or local government agency. Government buyers spend over $14 billion annually through the GSA IT Schedule 70, which accounts for over 30% of all GSA and VA Schedule sales.

GSA IT Schedule 70 Subcategories

Below is a listing of subcategories known as Special Item Numbers (SINs) under the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract.

  SIN #              SIN Name
132 100 Ancillary Supplies and/or Services
132 20 Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS)
132 40 Cloud Computing Services
132 55 COMSATCOM Subscription Services
132 54 COMSATCOM Transponded Capacity
132 4 Daily/Short Term Rental
132 60C Digital Certificates, including ACES
132 60D E-authentication Hardware Tokens
132 41 Earth Observation Solutions
132 52 Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services
132 60B Electronic Credentials, Identity Proofed
132 60A Electronic Credentials, Not Identity Proofed
132 56 Health IT Services
132 45A-D Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)
132 62 HSPD-12 Products & Services
132 60F Identity and Access Management Professional Services
132 99 Introduction of New IT Services & Products
132 51 IT Professional Services
132 3 Leasing of Products
132 12 Maintenance
132 34 Maintenance of Software as a Service
132 33 Perpetual Software License
132 61 Public Key Infrastructure & Shared Service Providers Program
132 8 Purchase of New Equipment
132 9 Purchase of Used or Refurbished Equipment
132 60E Remote Identity and Access Managed Service Offering
132 32 Term Software License
132 50 Training Courses
132 53 Wireless Services

Get Help Obtaining a GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract

Federal Schedules, Inc. has been helping companies obtain and manage their GSA IT Schedule 70 Contracts since 1986. We can help you through each step of the process – from strategy development and proposal preparation, to GSA Schedule Contract award and post-award management. For more information, see GSA Schedule Proposal Help or Contact Us.

What types of products qualify for the GSA Schedule 70

The GSA Schedule 70 is appropriate for companies that offer virtually any type of IT equipment (including refurbished equipment), hardware, or software.  Below is a sampling of products that can be sold through the GSA Schedule 70 Contract.

  • ADP Support Equipment
  • Airborne Radar Equipment
  • Application Software
  • Broadcast Band Radio
  • Business Management Software
  • Cables
  • Coaxial Cables
  • Communication Software
  • Communications Equipment Cables
  • Database Management Programs
  • Desktop Computers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Displays & Monitors
  • Drives & Storage Devices
  • EDI Translation & Mapping Software
  • Fiber Optic Cables & Harnesses
  • Financial Management Software
  • Internet Software
  • IT Networking Equipment
  • Laptops & Notebook Computers
  • Mainframe Computers
  • Microwave Radio Equipment
  • Modems
  • Network Equipment
  • Operating System Software
  • Optical Recognition I/O Devices
  • PA Systems
  • Professional Workstations
  • Programming Software
  • Radio Navigation Equipment/Antennas
  • Radio Transmitters/Receivers
  • Refurbished IT Equipment
  • Satellite Communications Equipment
  • Servers
  • Software Maintenance
  • Storage Devices
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Two-Way Radios
  • Utility Software
  • Virus Detection Software
  • Webcams
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