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GSA HACS, a Cybersecurity Government Contract

GSA HACS, a Cybersecurity
Government Contract

What is the GSA HACS SIN?

The Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Number (SIN) was created under the IT Large Category of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract to meet the growing government wide need for cybersecurity services. The GSA HACS SIN is essentially a cybersecurity government contract. If your company provides cybersecurity services, obtaining a GSA MAS Contract with the HACS SIN can position your company to capture federal and state cybersecurity opportunities.

The Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services SIN, 54151HACS, includes “proactive and reactive cybersecurity services that improve customer enterprise-level security posture”. This SIN provides services to identify and protect a customer’s information resources, detect and respond to cybersecurity events or incidents, and recover capabilities or services impaired by any incidents that emerge.

GSA HACS Subgroups

Cybersecurity services under the HACS SIN are categorized under the following five subgroups:

  • High Value Asset Assessments
  • Penetration Testing
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Incident Response
  • Cyber Hunt

Why Obtain the HACS SIN?

GSA worked with the Department of Homeland Security to introduce the HACS SIN in 2016 as a way to meet the growing government wide need for cybersecurity services. While all new SINs take time to achieve user adoption, agencies are increasingly using the HACS SIN to meet their cybersecurity needs. Unlike more generalized SINs, such as the IT Professional Services SIN 54151S, HACS SIN holders have met additional requirements to demonstrate their specialized capabilities.

As the government’s need for specialized IT services increases, the HACS SIN has seen a steady upwards trajectory in sales. Over the life of the HACS SIN, sales have exceeded $1.2 billion. Also of note, is the rise in state and local government spending through the HACS SIN, through both Cooperative Purchasing and Disaster Recovery. While state and local government account for a small fraction of sales, those sales rose exponentially from fiscal year 2022 to 2023 — with just three quarters reported under 2023 to date.

Benefits of Being on the GSA HACS SIN

If you work with the federal government and qualify for HACS, there are several benefits to adding the cybersecurity SIN to your portfolio.

  • Additional Opportunities – as a HACS SIN holder, you’ll have the ability to view and respond to contract opportunities that are completed under the SIN.
  • Increased Visibility – specialized SINs, like HACS, help companies stand out to government buyers looking to secure high-demand, technical solutions.
  • Streamlined Procurement Process – the GSA MAS Contract streamlines the procurement process for government buyers with simplified ordering procedures. Beyond that, companies under the HACS SIN have passed a technical evaluation, which saves buyers time vetting capabilities.
  • Reach Federal, State, and Local Government Buyers – SIN 54151HACS, like other SINs under the IT Large Category, offers the benefit of being open to state and local government, in addition to federal buyers.
  • Tier 2 SUM Solution – Unlike an open market procurement, orders under the HACS SIN qualify as Tier 2 Spend Under Management, which helps your buyers meet their Category Management goals.

HACS Sales

GSA HACS SIN Requirements

As with all IT Large Category Services SINs, to add the HACS SIN to your GSA MAS Contract, you are required to submit a technical proposal with two relevant project experiences.

Beyond the standard requirements, the GSA HACS SIN is one of just a few SINs that require companies to pass a special evaluation. To be awarded the HACS SIN, a company must pass an oral technical evaluation conducted by a Technical Evaluation Board (TEB). The evaluation involves responding to specific scenarios and general questions that are designed to assess your expertise.

Companies pursuing the GSA HACS SIN may also be subject to additional laws and standards depending on the specific task order. These may include certain National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines.

How to Obtain the HACS SIN?

The process to obtain GSA SIN 54151HACS depends on whether your company currently holds a GSA MAS Contract. If you do not already hold a GSA MAS Contract, you’ll need to submit a proposal and go through the steps to receive a GSA MAS Contract award. You can learn more about this process here.

If you already hold a GSA MAS Contract, you’ll need to add the HACS SIN to your current contract. This involves submitting a modification request through GSA eMod.

Steps to Add SIN 54151HACS:

  • Review SIN Requirements
  • Assess Eligibility
  • Submit SIN Addition Modification through eMod
  • GSA Will Review Your Modification
  • Complete Oral Technical Evaluation
  • Receive Modification Approval and Pass Oral Technical Evaluation
  • Login to eBuy and Update Your Profile to Select the Appropriate HACS Subgroups

Get Expert Help to Get HACS

Whether you need to obtain a GSA MAS Contract with the HACS SIN or add the HACS SIN to your current contract, FEDSched has you covered! We have the bandwidth and the expertise to save you time and help you successfully navigate the modification process and Oral Technical Evaluation to obtain SIN 54151HACS.

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