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GSA MOBIS Under the Professional Services Schedule

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What-is-a-GSA-ScheduleIf your company provides consulting or training services to the federal government, you may want to consider obtaining a GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Contract. PSS contains a subset of services for consulting and training that are classified as Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS).

GSA MOBIS Schedule Sales

In fiscal year 2018, government buyers spent over $4 billion on MOBIS related services through the GSA PSS Contract. While federal agencies accounted for the majority of these contract awards, a portion can be attributed to disaster recovery purchasing by state and local government.

What Type of Services Qualify for MOBIS?

GSA MOBIS Subcategories

In general, consulting and training services qualify under GSA MOBIS. This includes:

  • Management and Strategy Consulting
  • Research, Studies, and Reports
  • Acquisition Planning and Management Support
  • Educational Courses (Instructor-Led and Web-Based)
  • Teaching Simulators and Medical Models

Below is a listing of MOBIS related subcategories, known as Special Item Numbers (SINs) under the GSA PSS Contract. Click on the SIN number to view a full description of the SIN on GSA’s eLibrary website, along with a listing of companies that currently offer services through that SIN.

SIN#              SIN Name

874 1 Integrated Consulting Services
874 4 Training Services
874 6 Acquisition Management Support
874 7 Integrated Business Program Support Services
874 8 DAU & FAI Certified DAWIA & FAC Acquisition Workforce Training
874 9 Off-the-Shelf & Customizable Instructional Training Devices

Get Help Obtaining a GSA Schedule for MOBIS Offerings

Federal Schedules, Inc. has been helping companies obtain and manage their GSA Schedule Contracts for MOBIS related offerings since 1986. We can help you through each step of the process – from strategy development and proposal preparation, to GSA Schedule Contract award and post-award management. For more information, see GSA Schedule Proposal Helpcontact us, or call us at 703-709-8700 for a quote.

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New to the Government Market?

A GSA Schedule Contract can be a valuable tool when pursuing government opportunities. However, if your company has less than two years in business or little experience in government sales, a GSA Schedule may not be the best starting point.

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