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How to Get a GSA Schedule

Getting a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract can be referred to in multiple ways. The terminology can sometimes lead to the misconception that it involves a quick registration or application form. Getting on the GSA list, obtaining a GSA number, getting GSA approved, or securing GSA pricing all require going through a formal proposal process to receive a GSA Schedule Contract award.

Steps to Get a GSA Schedule Contract

If your company is researching how to get on the GSA Schedule, the steps below provide a high-level overview. The entire process to get a GSA Schedule can take a few months to over two years depending upon your resources, contract experience, and the GSA Schedule you are pursuing. Before you start the process, take the time to evaluate your eligibility and assess the market. A GSA Schedule Contract can serve as a valuable tool for streamlining the government sales process. However, to be effective, your company should have experience in government sales.

For a more detailed review, download our Beginner’s Guide to GSA Schedule Contracts.

Before You Start

  • Determine Eligibility: 2 Years in Business (exception for IT), Healthy Financials, TAA Compliance
  • Assess Market
  • Evaluate Resources

Getting Started

Proposal Development

  • Gather Required Documentation Based Upon Solicitation and Applicable Attachments
  • Write Your Proposal
  • Submit Your Proposal through GSA’s eOffer System

Proposal Review

Need Help Getting on the GSA Schedule?

Federal Schedules, Inc. has been helping companies get their GSA/VA Schedule Contracts since 1986. We can help you through each step of the process – from identifying the appropriate GSA Schedule and developing pricing strategies, to preparing your proposal and fielding negotiations with GSA. To find out more information on our services or to request a quote, see GSA Schedule Proposal Help or Contact Us.

Want More Information? Download our GSA BGuide

Beginner's Guide to GSA Schedule ContractsFind out more about the GSA Schedule Contract, including:

• Requirements to Obtain a GSA Schedule Contract
• Benefits of Holding a GSA Schedule Contract
• Fiscal Year 2018 Sales by Schedule
• Tips for Conducting GSA Schedule Market Research
• Overview of Steps Needed to Obtain a GSA Schedule

► Download Our Beginner’s Guide to GSA Schedule Contracts
► GSA Schedule Explained in 2 Minutes

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