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What You Need to Know, and How to Get Started

For many companies, doing business with the U.S. federal government is an alluring prospect, considering it is a market segment with over $500 billion in annual spending. However, the process of securing federal contracts can be intimidating. Most companies begin by completing basic registration requirements (DUNS, CCR, ORCA) and then jump into responding to bids posted on FedBizOpps (also known as FBO.gov), a website where government agencies post federal contract opportunities.

To better manage the large quantity and broad range federal contract opportunities on FedBizOpps, companies should review the vendor user guide and conduct market research to narrow their scope to one to three agencies. Most agencies will post information on their website regarding how to do business with them. Use this information, along with research pulled from FPDS.gov to determine how the agency typically procures products and services.

  • Are there agency-specific registration requirements?
  • Does the agency have a separate system for posting contract opportunities?
  • Does the agency have its own contracting vehicle?
  • Does the agency use the GSA Schedule Contract vehicle?
The GSA Schedule Contract is essentially a master federal contract that contains pricing, terms, and conditions that have been pre-negotiated by the General Services Administration (GSA) on behalf of government agencies. Many agencies prefer to work with companies that hold a GSA Schedule Contract because they allow for faster, easier transactions.

GSA Schedule Beginners Guide

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