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FY 2019 GSA News & Sales

FY 2019 GSA News Recap

Throughout the 2019 fiscal year GSA ushered in numerous changes, starting with an announcement to consolidate the four Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS) Special Item Number (SINs) into a single SIN. Fiscal year 2019 was also the year several high profile government contracts moved to the GSA IT Schedule 70 Contract.

By March, GSA announced the award for Entity Validation Services to Ernst and Young LLP – replacing longstanding Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). Around that same time, GSA refreshed the Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Solicitation to include a reduction in the number of projects required to pursue a PSS SIN. During the spring, GSA rolled out the popular Order-Level Materials (OLM) SIN to an additional five GSA Schedules. In August, they revealed the well received Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot would be extended through fiscal year 2020.

GSA’s Integrated Award Environment’s (IAE) has been working to migrate a total of ten total government systems to IAE’s plans hit contractors particularly hard when aka FedBizOpps was pulled over and decommissioned in November.

Above all, and most notably, GSA spent much of last fiscal year preparing to close the 24 legacy GSA Schedules and release one consolidated GSA Schedule Contract by the start of the new fiscal year on October 1, 2019. GSA delivered on its GSA Schedule Consolidation plan, marking the most drastic change to date in GSA’s 70 year existence. However, when it comes to GSA Schedule sales in fiscal year 2019, there are less drastic changes to report.

FY 2019 GSA Schedule Sales Highlights

  • GSA Schedule Sales in general are up 0.2% or $64,923,346 from FY 2018
  • The top 3 GSA Schedule Sales remain the same as FY 2018 with Schedule 70 IT holding the lead, Professional Services Schedule in second, and the Security Schedule 84 stationed in third
  • The biggest jump in sales was Schedule 23 V Automotive Superstore up 35% from FY 2018
  • The biggest slump in sales shows a 47% loss from FY 2018 by Schedule 599 Travel Services Solutions

FY 2019 Top Sales by Schedule

70 IT Equipment, Software & Services $15,565,175,987
00CORP Professional Services Schedule (PSS) $9,687,884,585
84 Law Enforcement, Security $1,420,399,996
71 Furniture $867,383,697
51 V Hardware Superstore $819,539,671

FY 2019 Biggest Jumps by Schedule

23 V Automotive Superstore (formerly VMAS) $236,776,371 ↑35.33%
67 Photographic Equipment, Related Supplies, & Services $38,335,123 ↑19.15%
84 Law Enforcement, Security $1,420,399,996 ↑9.30%
738 X Human Resources & EEO Services $369,655,140 ↑8.42%
73 Food Service, Hospitality, Cleaning Equipment & Supplies $160,006,205 ↑7.52%

FY 2019 Biggest Slumps by Schedule

599 Travel Services Solutions $558,031,209 ↓47.01%
81 I B Shipping, Packaging and Packing Supplies $64,300,998 ↓17.80%
58 I Audio/Video, Telecom, & Security Solutions $92,811,430 ↓17.28%
72 Furnishing and Floor Coverings $21,879,568 ↓14.03%
75 Office Products and Supplies $308,855,962 ↓11.88%

FY 2019 Top Sales by SIN

132 51 Information Technology Professional Services $7,727,924,195
874 1 Integrated Consulting Services $3,159,331,701
132 33 Perpetual Software Licenses $2,336,289,106
132 32 Term Software Licenses $1,453,138,962
132 8 Purchase of New Equipment $988,004,970
874 7 Integrated Business Program Support Services $783,982,077
132 53 Wireless Services $762,084,822
871 3 System Design, Engineering, Integration $650,400,842
132 34 Maintenance of Software as a Service $560,932,184
105 002 Hardware/Home Improvement – Catalog $516,651,254

Want to See the Full List of FY 2019 Sales?

We’ve posted the full chart with fiscal year 2019 GSA Sales by Schedule here.

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